The First Step To Planning A Great Retail Team



Retail team building's important. If you have just one employee or multiple employees.

So what we are going to talk about today is KSAs. KSAs are a really important aspect of human resources and staffing, especially in retail. 

So hopefully you're building your dream team if you're a retailer and you're focused on being a leader.

I'm going to provide you with some tactical information here for your store. Before we begin, obviously when it comes to human resources every state is different. The federal laws change. So always check on that stuff. This is not legal advice from me, get that from your lawyer.

KSAs are knowledge, skills, and abilities. When you're going to build a team even just from a business standpoint, you're going to do job design to approach staffing in a serious way. So the first thing you need to determine is the KSAs.

Determine the roles in the store. What are the roles that you need in the store?...

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